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Musicians & Music Programs need our help.

In the last year, we have provided financial relief to over 450 musicians impacted by the pandemic and over 100 grants for music education programs across the country.

Artists are at the core of the Newport Festivals community. Their performances fill us with hope, bring us together in celebration and support us during the good times and the bad. Now it’s our turn to give back. The COVID-19 crisis has proven particularly devastating for musicians whose livelihood is dependent on congregation. As a result, we established the Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund to provide immediate financial relief to musicians.

Musicians: Click here to apply for grants.

“It is with utmost hope that the Newport Folk and Newport Jazz Festivals will go on this summer, but in the meantime we feel the call to do more. We are in a unique position with our foundation, where we can go above and beyond and help provide support for our musicians community while other tours and festivals are cancelling due to COVID-19. In this dark time, we feel blessed to be able to provide some small comfort for those whose songs carry us through each day.” – Jay Sweet, Executive Producer

The Foundation will also continue to provide support for music education programs through their Artist Donations Initiative, which works directly with festival artists to identify and support music education programs they’re passionate about. Since 2018, the initiative has provided over eighty five grants to music education programs, including instruments for public schools, funding for music instruction workshops for Veterans, Girls Rock Summer camps, after school music lessons for children with learning disabilities, and more.

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